We are joined this week by David Spencer of the Come On, Fhqwhpods! podcast to talk about his favorite Zelda game, Majora's Mask. Be sure to follow their twitter to catch up on the latest epsiodes of their great show @fhqwhpods on twitter and visit them at www.pipedreampodcasts.com



Chat of the Wild is a weekly Zelda Podcast covering your favorite Nintendo franchise as well as the games that were inspired by it

September 4, 2019

Majora’s Mask – Bonus Chat

Now that we are finished with Majora’s Mask, Bryan wanted to bring on his childhood friend to have a discussion about how important the

This is it. We face off against the evil that has been threatening this world.

This episode we do our final cleanup before heading off to the final battle

This episode, we make our way through the haunted Ikana Canyon

This episode, we take our new Zora powers for a spin

This episode we make some new Zora friends and help free another guardian

This episode,we take a stroll through Termina with some of our new abilities

In this episode, we trek through Snowhead Mountain to meet the Gorons

This episode we take a stroll through Termina with some of our new abilities

This episode, we meet the Deku tribe and attempt to save a wrongfully accused monkey from punishment

For this episode, we are just exploring Clock Town and the small parts of Termina that are currently accessible to us before heading off

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