This episode, we travel up Mt. Crenel to reforge our broken blade and retrieve a new element while we wait!

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We are starting a new season with the Minish Cap!

December 30, 2020

Games of the Year 2020

For our last episode of 2020, we are doing a little special Games of the Year recording. Each of us brought on a few of our favorite games that got us through this year.

Host of the call in podcast Oh My Goss, Andrew Funkhouser, joins BC to have a chat about his favorite Zelda game, Breath of the Wild


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Host of the Retronauts podcast and the Game Works Youtube channel, Jeremy Parish, joins Bryan for a chat about his favorite Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda


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We are joined this week by David Spencer of the Come On, Fhqwhpods! podcast to talk about his favorite Zelda game, Majora's Mask. Be sure to follow their twitter to catch up on the latest epsiodes of their great show @fhqwhpods on twitter and visit them at

Scheduling Note: We will not being starting the next Zelda season until the beginning of the year. For the rest of December, we are doing interviews with other podcasts about their favorite Zelda games as well as a Game of the Year Special at the very end of the month. 

Once again, we get a new ability and explore another season temple

This episode, we explore a new dungeon and gain a new ability


Thanks to Modus Games for supplying copies of the game to us.

This episode, we explore more of the world and gain a few more new abilities


Thanks to Modus Games for supplying copies of the game to us.

We start a new Gaiden journey in the recent indie release, Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Thanks to Modus Games for supplying copies of the game to us.

Now that we collected al the triforce pieces and defeated Ganon, we collect our thoughts on this game.

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