Now that we collected al the triforce pieces and defeated Ganon, we collect our thoughts on this game.

October 21, 2020

Wind Waker #12 - Floating On

We've collected all our power and make our way to finally stop Ganon. 

This is probably the lowest point of the game, having to go around and collect a bunch of maps to decipher just to then go around and collect some more treasure. We still have some fun on this episode though! 

We go check in with our buddy Makar and have him help us completely power up our legendary sword through the Wind Temple

After learning about the ancient sages and their descendants, we take one of our friends with us to uncover more power in the Earth Temple

September 23, 2020

Wind Waker #8 - Sweeping Waves

Since the world of the Wind Waker is a vast ocean filled we secrets, we are taking this episode to comb through what we can with our new skillset

Now that we are more powerful (or at least have a more powerful sword,) we try yet again to save our sister from the clutches of the evil Ganon

After placing the 3 magic pearls and activating a large tower, we make our way up this mysterious new formation to find what powers it hides.


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This episode, we travel back and forth a bit to get some new tools and awaken some old powers

This episode, we meet a very old friend and explore the forbidden woods

Are you telling me a dragon roosted this island?


This episode we land on Dragon Roost Island in search of the help we need to save our sister and meet some new friends along the way.

This episode we set sail with the help of our new pirate friends as well as meet a new partner that will help us get around

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