With this episode we are wrapping up our time with Mega Man Legends 2 and joining the cause to finally releasing #MegaManLegends3 !!!

This episode, we stop back at the snowy Calinca Island to stop a train heist and explore the hidden ruins below

This episode, we complete our Digger certification and take on the next dungeon in the desert

This episode we visit a new island, meet some new pirates, and (very) slowly make our way through the water dungeon

As mentioned in the beginning, here are a couple gaming shows by black creators:

Spawn on Me: https://twitter.com/SpawnOnMe

UpUpDownDown: https://twitter.com/UpUpDwnDwn

itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality

Black Lives Matter


With the aid of the Dropship, we are able to explore some new islands and meet both new friends and enemies

We are back in the world of Mega Man Legends with its sequel. We meet back up with Mega Man and Roll as they

In this episode we finish our journey in Kattelox Island and discover the truth behind Mega Man’s connection to it all

This episode we use one of Wily’s (Yes that Wily) boats to make our way to the last sub-gate

This episode, we take our adventure down below in to the sub-gates

This episode we do a bit of exploring while we try to stop the pirates from digging up one of the sub gates

This week we help Kattalox out by fighting back some plundering pirates

This season we are playing through Mega Man Legends

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